How to Hack Extra Nitro Tanks in Asphat 8 by Game Guardian

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In this video i am gonna show you How to hack extra tanks

Game Guardian

Asphalt 8 Hacking Tool

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Make sure to check out Tempestt’s channel:
A three part video with more testing on acceleration and nitro.
The first part was with negative acceleration and negative nitro (basically just added a negative sign in front of the values).
The second part was with instant acceleration for level 1 nitro, and instant negative acceleration for level 3 nitro (level 2 nitro was normal).
The third part was suggested by Tempestt
With instant acceleration and infinite nitro speed, there’s basically no way to race without crashing. So expect me to crash a lot in that part of the video.
Make sure to check out Tempestt’s channel again:
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>> Asphalt 8 Online Hack <<