How to Earn Tokens & Fusion Coins in Asphalt 8

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Today I will tell you how to get Fusion Coins & Tokens in Asphalt 8. For full details watch full Video, otherwise you will not understand the full process.

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cheat engine complete guide to make a personal working trainer.exe
easy setup for pro-level


0:00 An intro to the video
0:20 start with the cheat engine
0:33 no vehicle purchased yet
1:44 all vehicles buy with cheat table
2:11 start 1st race with uncooked trainer
4:24 start cheat engine, trainer generator
4:49 adding short keys to trainer
6:38 set icon and images to trainer
7:06 add descriptions
8:45 saving trainer
9:30 how should open custom trainer 1st time
10:53 started with your trainer
11:50 start race with trainer
12:31 unusual win
13:26 challenge yourself tough race with F1 McLaren mp4-31
14:45 close winning [ don’t miss ]
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