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This is just one of the many “helpers” that use a lot of players that UNFORTUNATELY are declared honest. I have found that some players I admire make use of these tricks. I am very sad. The other “little helpers” they use are … Nitro Infinito, they use it when they do not make videos. Infinite Tokens, in this way can refill the fuel bar to infinity, and can train by improving their time (these players also make videos of the lap). Then the last discovery is that on Windows (I do not know about Android) maybe they managed to unlock the fps. This is only a voice that has reached my ears, I do not confirm and do not deny.
Beware in any case from videos that do not have audio, this is very very very important. Some Youtubers and many players of A8, are not the authors of their own times, but they, do the times lap, from his best friends, then taking merit.
From today look at the ranking with different eyes.
I do not understand why many players cheat to get in the first places.
If you cheat, what’s the taste? You also cheat yourself.
I think I’m not inferior to anyone in A8. I can win and I can lose, but I can play with any player. But at this point it is no longer a matter of winning or losing, but I can not compete with cheaters, they are unbeatable.
For all these reasons, my activity in A8 will be reduced.
I will not waste much time behind a game that rewards cheaters (which cover each other) and penalizes honest people.

PS. I want to remind you that with these hack, you will remain in the regular LB ranking.
With this video, I do not want to accuse hackers. I want to accuse those who are considered a good player, but uses helpers and hides in the top 100.

Asphalt 8

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>> Asphalt 8 Online Hack <<