Asphalt 8:How to know the encrypted speed value and get ultimate speed by game guardian.

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The first we need to do is turn off Wi-Fi or you may get ban. And then we need to range search seconds to multiplyed by one thousand, select the correct one. Push the go to address button, and select the one above. That number is your encrypted speed data.

When the current speed is the sane with the upper limit of the speed, you can find the encrypted speed limit by search.

Remember the upper limit of the speed of not jet and jet running by the current speed value at the game guardian.

And then search the encrypted speed limits values, delete the wrong values. You can slow your car down to delete the current speed values. Finally you will find four correct encrypted speed values, lock them to 999 you will have ultimate speed.

Lock the first current speed value which above the value of seconds to multiplyed by one thousand, you can know the relationship between encrypted data and screen data.
The speed of the most S-class cars and some others has shrunk and the proportion is not normal.

Finally you will find that you can find the top speed limit after encryption with a fuzzy serch jet or no jet.

>> Asphalt 8 Online Hack <<