Asphalt 8 winning 222882 credits in 48 seconds

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I got asked probably over a hundred times on how I farm credits and also which races are good for that. You are bound to get different opinions from different people, but this video is just to let you know what I personally find are great credit farming races that helped me succeed in the game. I took into consideration cars for beginners because I often open new accounts to test cars too.

I did not include any races that have any the 1) flawless – who wants to stress while farming for hours trying to avoid crashing….2) Long lap times as they’re inefficient 3) extremely expensive/hard-to-get/token/BP cars or cars that are difficult to Max/Pro. Most people aren’t going to have those cars anyway.

Thanks for watching and hope this video was helpful.

1. Kuba Te – Divine
2. Marin Hoxha – Only Love (feat. Chris Linton) – [Sammy this is for you!]
3. Evalk – Lavender Town

>> Asphalt 8 Online Hack <<