Asphalt 8, Opening Boxes, Trying to find V12 with the "Voodoo" method

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I am low on V12 engines and thought I would give the Voodoo method (credits to Nemesis) a try. First I went to my garage and chose a max/Pro car that uses V12 engines. in this case I tried with Ferrari 330 P4. From the garage I went directly to my inventory and opened a SuperRacerKitBox, ExpertKitBox, ChampionKitBox, SummerKitBox and a Limited-Edition V8 Engine Box. The Champion and SummerBox were disappointing but the rest of the boxes delivered. The Voodoo method is based on the fact that the game does not give you cards that you need. In this case i dont need V12s as the P4 is already Pro. I found 4 engines immediately, call it supersticious, I like the method and use it every time i open boxes.

Music: Gunnar Olsen – Shoulder closures
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after getting thousands of coins here are the results of all 3 boxes together enjoy!

despues de collectar miles de monedas aqui estan los resultados de las 3 cajas, que los disfruten

SONG/CANSION: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona – Invisible

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