Asphalt 8 Multiplayer TOP 5 Token cars for MP and their BEST rankings with Special Guest

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Tokens are so rare in Asphalt 8. Which cars are worthy of spending your hard-earned tokens on? Here I show you 5 cars available for purchase in your Garage that are very good in MP when tuned properly, and their ideal rank brackets.

Featured Storm Trooper (GLC Coupe), Rocket (Devel 16), Blood Demon (DeZir), Tank (Camaro SS), and Rice Cake (Vulcan)!!!

Special Thanks to BeaSt GhoSt for allowing me to use his Devel 16 Video. Check out his

GLC Coupe

Devel 16 Multiplayer (by BeaSt GhoSt):




1. NEFFEX – Dance Again
2. Bryan Mason & Karner H – Bassjump
3. Miza – Remember
4. Draconex – ECHO
5. Daniel Rosty – Apocalypse
6. Miza – Ghost (Original Mix)

If you complete the daily events, every 4 days you can save this quantity of tokens and do not need to complete the race to achieve the goal.

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