Asphalt 8 HOW TO GET 155.000 CREDITS/RACE

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Sorry for shrinking screen…

Please note that the original video has been recorded on 6th January.
Also I’m sorry for the low quality and editing mistake at 1:18. This field is still new for me.

With some A8 experience where you had to farm millions of credits to upgrade your cars, I decided to save up as much cash as possible when I started playing this game with global launch. I’ve spent 25 million credits at once about a year ago, but that’s all. I upgraded a car only if I was sure that I could get better rewards in multiplayer, more epics in riot, more BPs in Special Event. That’s why I had so much money. I’ve never spent a single coin in a Gameloft game.

After the new, 18-level garage system has been introduced, I decided to upgrade my garage to level 18 as soon as possible, because I needed Chiron, Regera, Huayra and 570S BPs really badly. Also I wanted to break the record (?) of the A9 youtuber SuperSonic S.G. who’s spent 75+ million credits in one video.

The 6th of January, the day has come. Imagine how boring it is to keep upgrading for 40 minutes! That’s the original length of the video before editing, and honestly, I was really disappointed since I didn’t even reach level 17 garage. I thought I’d be really close to level 18 at least.

Today, in the rebalanced garage system I’m level 17 with 3,2 million / 4 million garage points. Also I have 113 million credits saved. It won’t increase as fast as before since I’m buying BPs from store now (Regera, Huayra, Vanda and Aperta).

I hope you found interesting this boring video. Good luck with the game and try to avoid COVID-19.

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