Asphalt 8: Airborne – ❌HACK EVENT❌ (Career AND MORE) ver. 2.4.0k [ROOT]

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Download (Script) ver.1.1.5 :

about this file:

Hack all possible events.

Automatically win all races, include championship.

Career, Tags, F1: Get 5 star on every race. All events need only Dodge Dart. All season unlocked. 9 season no need maxed car.

Mastery: Erased rank limits for all cars.

Mastery, EDD, R&D, championship load into memory only if you open it. So you need run script on the screen of mastery, EDD, R&D, championship if you want hack it.

R&D: Every race get you 100 QC, which allow close each test from one key.

EDD: All events fixed and win automatically.

Championship: All events fixed and win automatically.

credits to ?Enyby??

Enyby GG:

***☠It’s a very useful and a very good thing, but I want to remind all user, PLEASE DON’T HACK ON ONLINE EVENT !!!☠***

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>> Asphalt 8 Online Hack <<