Asphalt 8: 2015 Ford Mustang – 32 Racers Barcelona MAX PRO

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I will not share this 32 racers thing with anyone.
If I do, Gameloft will change the code.
Then, no one will have 32 racers unless anyone makes a trainer with the 32 racers in it.

Electric Joy ride – Origin [NCS Release]
Game and song not mine.

Asphalt 8 - Replacing Devel Sixteen Stats with Dodge Dart Stats (French Guiana 32 Racers 5 Laps)

The opposite of my dodge dart stats replaced with devel sixteen stats video.
Idea from M310N YT
I changed the stats back after the 1st lap since it would be kind of boring just watching me lose terribly xD
I still couldn’t catch up to 1st place though, AI are still really weird since once they go off the screen, they suddenly become 10x better.
Thanks for watching!

Laszlo – Fall to Light
Unison Aperture
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